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Instructional Viedos

-Torch, materials, instructions
We have our videos on our website for you to watch.
1. Put the pins into the back of your canvas in each corner nice and tight. If you have a box and not a canvas then skip this step.
2. Create your beautiful artwork with all the materials provided. 
3. (cover all the lines that were drawn onto your canvas) 
4. One you are satisfied with your art, its time to resin!
1. Put on gloves
2. Take the provided plastic and tape it down to a table/even surface 
3. Set the artwork on top of it to catch any drips from the resin 
4. Mix part A and part B in equal parts (3oz part A +3oz part B) for 12x12 or 11x14
(4oz part A and 4oz part B) for wooden box 12x18 in the measuring cup provided and STIR for 3 minutes with the stir stick that was provided. Now you are ready to pour! Please wear gloves!
5. Gently pour the resin over all the glass and canvas. You can spread and redistribute the epoxy with the gloves as needed. Make sure everything is covered and some of it should run down the sides, Wipe the sides with your finger and cover them as well. ALWAYS WEAR GLOVES WHEN WORING WITH RESIN) 
6. Take the torch and move it back and forth over your artwork for about 15 seconds if you see any bubbles. They will disappear with the heat of the torch.
7. Now the hard part is done, the epoxy will need 12-24 hours to cure, for the first 45 minutes, check on your artwork every 10-15 minutes, put on a fresh glove and wipe the bottom of the edges on your canvas free of any drips with your finger. This makes for a nicer finished product 
8. Let it cure overnight and check on your artwork the next morning, take the pins out and you are all done :)

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